Recruitment Marketing

Rethinking Recruitment Marketing Strategies and Tools

Successful recruitment marketing culminates with A-list hires, but achieving that success requires actively and imaginatively utilizing the data and tools you have available to you. Candidate engagement, experience and retention is marketing at its most basic level and repurposing your recruitment marketing tools can drive talent acquisition success.

Job Board Recruitment Branding

Before you can hire the best candidates you have to connect with them, communicating the value and benefits of working for your company. This means designing your recruiting message around the employee work experience with the same passion you would use to market your corporate brand.

Recruitment branding extends from niche and specialized job boards to all tools used throughout the hiring cycle, from the tone/language of your listings, to the application process on your website, and through the interview process and hiring package.

Beyond your brand messaging, images, etc. all of your recruitment marketing efforts must include a crystal clear call-to-action that makes applying, getting questions answered, or additional information an easy click or call away.

Applicant Data as Marketing Channel

Applicant information is a captured marketing tool that you have already in-house – use it, it’s yours. With the time, effort and expense you’ve expended get an applicant’s information it is crucial to use that data in the most effective and innovative ways possible.

A good example of how you can keep potential candidates engaged with your company, would be to give restricted access to your system, allowing them to not only scan your recent job postings but also keep their own information up-to-date. You can further engage candidates and future leads through e-mail blasts with company news, job alerts and more. Again, you already have their information; so make sure to leverage it.

Social Marketing as Recruiting Voice

Whether your CEO actually believes it or not the public controls much of how your brand is perceived. Social media is an instant response recruiting tool that you can tailor as needed to focus your messaging on attracting the hires you most covet. Recruitment Marketing 101 in 140 characters or fewer, and it works.

But social media also means that the days of presenting your employee culture as a smiling generic stock photo are over. Candidates want facts and need to get a true feel of your company’s work experience, and so your social messaging tone should be an actual reflection of your corporate culture. This authenticity will be appreciated by candidates and can also screen out poor fits while attracting viable personality matches.

Capture, Track, Rethink, Leverage

With all of the marketing options available to recruiters it is crucial to capture and track data, especially which marketing tool/message attracted the candidate, for every successfully filled job. By measuring the performance of your recruitment marketing efforts as part of your overall recruiting strategy you will be able to pinpoint what works, such as specialized job board posting, and rethink/repurpose what doesn’t.