5 Simple Job Posting Tips to Generate More Views and the Best Hires

Job-Posting-Writing-TipsThere are five simple steps to writing, presenting and placing job postings to attract more views, top quality talent, and to motivate the best candidates to take action.

  1. Focus Advertising on Niche Job Boards
  2. Use Industry-Specific Keywords Including Slang
  3. Be Concise but Be Descriptive
  4. Put Employee Incentives Front and Center
  5. Stress a Call to Action and Make it Easy

Niche Job Boards Pool the Best Talent for You

There’s an accurate adage that you should “fish where the fish are” for best results. It only makes sense to concentrate your efforts exactly where results will not only be abundant but also most relevant and of the highest quality. This is why advertising on niche job boards is so effective and number one on the list.

The niche job board takes guesswork out of exploring the applicant universe by creating a specialized grouping of the exact skill-set candidates you want. Don’t fish the entire lake (like posting on a general, big box job board, etc.) when you know that exactly what you want are amassed in a single location (the niche job board). Focusing on niche job boards is targeted, defined recruiting at its most effective.


Combine Optimized Keywords with Industry-Specific Slang

Think, talk and present like your ideal hire. If you were looking for the position you want to fill what exact words and phrases would you search? A job posting is not the place to be clever. Go off message and you’ve lost them. For best results use precise keywords that applicants would want in a position/career and always include job location information including city and state. Not including a location creates uncertainty which means potential applicants will not follow through.

And beyond official HR titles are the industry-specific slang words everyone in that business uses and therefore would be used in searches. These are the keywords that will attract a specific skill set. To find and get the ideal hire you have to think like that person. How would they describe their dream position in their own words? This is the optimized writing style that should drive all job board postings.


Be Concise but Be Descriptive

“Nurse Wanted.” Concise yes. Will generate results? Not a chance. “Outstanding Respiratory Therapist Opportunity Available at Growing Austin Medical Center.” This delivers concise keywords (what, why and where) while generating excitement with the applicant through an active description.

Give the relevant details while engaging the applicant, building anticipation and creating enthusiasm. Your active description will create an immediate, positive reaction translating to a positive response to your open position and your company.


What’s in it for me? Tell the Talent Upfront

You are in a cut-throat hiring competition with every other company like yours looking to attract the same applicant. How your job posting is written, how it’s presented and where it’s advertised is the first impression about you and your company. This is your opportunity to set yourself apart and above the competition.

Applicants must be told, upfront, why your position is better than the rest. “Competitive Salary” means entry-level compensation in their minds. “Exceptional, Comprehensive Benefits Package” means great salary plus vacation plus insurance plus, plus, plus. Sell, and tell, how great it will be to work for your company. Include photos in your job posts of how great their corporate experience will be. The tools are there, use them to sell applicants on “what’s in it for them.”


Call to Action: Apply Now – Here’s How

You want to hire the best applicant but first you have to get them to apply. In your job post simply tell him or her to apply and make it easy to do. Niche job boards along with other avenues have ways to send CVs, resumes and to populate online applications. Tell the applicant to take action and show them where.


Fish Where the Fish Are

A simple idea but also a recruiting reality. For best job board posting results utilize niche boards (which is exactly where your most desired candidates are), make it easy to find you by optimizing posts with the specific keywords the best talent would use, directly explain why your company and position are the best around, and tell them to apply.