Job Board Tips

The Top 5 Job Board Recruiting Tips to Acquire Extraordinary Candidates

Finding top candidates for open positions has never been more challenging than today. Employers are constantly searching for that one resource that will help them recruit the perfect hire for their open position. But to recruit and hire them you have to first find and engage them. Of all the tools at your fingertips one recruiting mainstay – the online job board – remains one of the most efficient ways to identify the most qualified candidates to fill those open positions. Here are five tips that will help you utilize online job boards, as an effective tool to help fill your recruiting needs:

1. DO recruit from specialized and niche job boards for targeted talent matches.

Why: A targeted search eliminates wasted time and effort. You get relevant matches drawing from a high-quality candidate pool. Niche job boards, such as professional association job boards, are industry specific which gives HR professionals the luxury of targeting only the candidates that meet specific criteria. While specialized job boards do usually mean a smaller pool of candidates than big box job boards, the candidates available are better qualified in the specific skill sets desired.

2. DO follow these rules when writing job board postings/listings.

Why: Whether you are posting on niche job boards or other avenues if your words don’t pique interest and engage candidates you’re wasting your time and money.

  •  Put yourself in the mind of the candidate you want most and use keywords and keyword phrases most relevant to how they would search. Use these words in your listing title, body text, etc.
  •  Detail why your opportunity is better than similar positions elsewhere (outstanding benefits package, rapid advancement, very competitive salary…).
  •  Be concise and avoid company jargon.
  •  Make it easy and direct to apply. Tell candidates what to do, “To Apply Click Here,” “Call this number,” and tell them what information they’ll need to provide (resume, references, etc.). Keep it simple to prevent losing their interest.

3. DO include videos and images, etc., if possible.

Why: It’s a best practice that any post/listing should include a company logo. But did you know that many job boards also allow you to include videos, etc. to help sell your company and the open position. Applying the same discipline outline in Tip #2, the video should be concise, on point and include the keywords that will trigger a response with the candidate. If adding video is not an option look for other ways to place your logo, taglines or artwork to reinforce your brand.

4. DO NOT rely on big box job boards to find best candidates quickly.

Why Not: Big box job boards are notorious for having job seekers with padded resumes and irrelevant qualifications that do not match up with your specific needs. This adds to your recruiting time and costs by having to weed through unqualified applicants to fill your open positions. A niche job board, like one hosted by an association, contains a pool of candidates that demonstrate a dedication to their profession through their membership in the organization and their ongoing commitment to their professional development through continuing education programs. You gain access to highly qualified professionals that raise the bar in your recruiting efforts.

5. DO use the right job boards to recruit passive candidates.

Why: Often the best candidates are those not actively pursuing a job change. One of the features of an association job board is the option for a registered member to be notified if a job is posted that meets specific criteria they have established in their profile. This gives an employers the ability to introduce themselves and position their value to these career focused professionals through a job posting. While a passive job seeker’s resume may not be readily available to an employer, the right position with the right offer will get you connected to these highly motivated professionals, who often work behind the scenes through their personal networks and professional resources (like an industry-specific, association membership-only career center job board) to learn what’s available. This is an untapped resource employers should take advantage of in the recruiting efforts.